NHS and LIFT Estate Energy and Carbon Performance Analysis

This report is the latest industry report produced for The LIFT Council.

The report provides an overview of performance on energy and carbon across Primary Care Trust (PCT) estates. It utilises a range of analyses (including marginal abatement costs) to highlight at strategic, national and local levels the differential performance of PCTs and where individual Trusts can make not only ‘quick wins’ but where long term carbon management strategies, which incorporate investment and pay back considerations, will lead to significant financial savings. The benefits are so profound that we recommend that the approach utilised in this report should be used as part of all estate reviews.

We believe that through strategic identification and prioritisation of key measures to optimise energy efficiency, energy expenditure over the next five years could be reduced in Primary Care Trusts by over £47 million. This approach could also reduce the expenditure required to implement energy savings across the entire NHS estate, by ensuring that measures are implemented where they are needed most and in order of priority.

The report also describes how an effective estate and carbon management strategy delivered, in conjunction with partners with relevant expertise, including LIFTCos, can achieve performance improvements and cost reductions whilst Trusts and service deliverers rightly concentrate on commissioning and delivery of clinical services. To show that the gains identified are not theoretical we also present a case study which highlights the impact of effective carbon reduction strategies in a single LIFT area which have already realised significant carbon reduction and energy savings.

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