Find the Solutions to Support Your Challenges

What solutions do you need to find?

– How to make your estate ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘transition ready’?
– How to find out how well your facilities are used?
– How to reduce your carbon footprint?
– How to deliver and manage multiple community services?

Or how about how to find an expert estate partner, one that will support you to make the right, well informed, estate choices so that you can focus on service delivery?

Equity Solutions’ approach is less about providing solutions we think you might need and more about providing choices for discussion; choices that meet your individual requirements. Click here to discover more.

Choices for a changing world…

All our worlds are changing. We have to provide more for less and we have to do this in the most challenging of circumstances. We’d like to talk about how we can help each other.

The Equity Solutions Group is a responsible service provider and partner, investing in infrastructure projects and partnerships that make a difference. We are the long term private sector partner in three LIFT areas – Cornwall, Oldham and Sheffield – through our joint venture companies, Community 1st, where we are working with our public sector partners to overcome their estate challenges to help them provide the right services in the right place, in ‘fit for purpose’ facilities which help transform local communities.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or sign up for regular updates on the latest Government policy changes and how our services can help you.

No matter what choices you need to make, we will offer an independent view.


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