Community Artwork Designs Unveiled

The artist appointed to undertake a community artwork project for three of the four new Community 1st health centres has unveiled his designs – see images below. The pieces have been developed following a series of engagement and consultation exercises with the staff and patients of the practices, as well as local schools and community groups.

The final artwork on display at The Flowers Health Centre will be a depiction of the different stages of a plant lifecycle, produced in transparent vinyl on the front windows of the building.

Norfolk Park Health Centre will also get a piece produced in vinyl, this time depicting the eight different ages in someone’s life.

For Darnall Primary care Centre, the artist will be producing a 3D mural for display in the main waiting area. It will consist of hands and letters, produced in steel, based on the British Sign Language Alphabet.

All three artworks will be produced and installed in the coming weeks, and we look forward to seeing these inspirational pieces on display.

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