Property Management Update – Important Winter Messages

As the colder months start to settle in, we’ve put together some important information and useful tips for all of our tenant representatives and building managers.

1. Gritting Arrangements

With cold weather predicted this winter, NHS Property Services have gritting contracts in place. However, please ensure a supply of grit is kept on site in case of further severe weather during operational times.

2. Heating
If you have a problem with an area of your building feeling too cold to work in, tenant’s representatives or building managers must remember to take a temperature reading of the area prior to reporting the issue to the Helpdesk, so that the Property Manager can act accordingly.

Staff should ensure that control over the local thermostats within the building is maintained. All of the thermostats do not need to be turned up to full temperature. A mid-range will ensure a consistently comfortable temperature within individual rooms, and lower settings can be used in corridor areas where people do not spend any significant length of time. It might be wise to assign a member of staff to conduct a walk-round to check all thermostats to ensure the building is comfortably heated, but is not creating unnecessary energy costs.

3. Severe Weather
Heating systems in all Community 1st buildings operate on frost control during severe weather conditions, which ensures the pipes are protected from the possibility of a burst due to expansion.

Whilst there have been no incidents of flooding in the area, building managers should be aware of any future flood warnings and monitor the weather forecast so you are prepared for any potential issues.

4. Security
As some buildings will not be open at their usual operational times over the Christmas period, please ensure all security checks are undertaken before the buildings are closed for these longer periods.

5. Christmas Decorations
We do not wish to be ‘Bah-Humbug’, but please could all tenant’s representatives and building managers ensure all electrical Christmas decorations, such as fairy lights, are PAT tested and turned off at the end of the day.

6. Contacting Community 1st over Christmas
The Helpdesk will operate as normal over the Christmas period, providing 24 hour cover for any building issues which may arise.

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