The central government based LIFT initiative was established to deliver a new generation of community-based primary health, social care and wellbeing facilities in specific areas identified throughout England.

LIFT is now an established, mature, capable and successful programme.

Since 2001 LIFT has invested over £2bn in primary care and community premises throughout the country and has helped develop and maintain over 250 new community facilities.

The LIFT initiative provides public sector organisations with the means to upgrade existing facilities and, where necessary, to develop entirely new premises and estates. LIFT facilities are built, refurbished and maintained by a local LIFT company – a joint venture between the public and private sectors.

In many areas LIFT has also supported its partners to develop detailed estate reviews, minor capital works programmes and short-term estate solutions to ensure the local estate is fit for purpose.

LIFT is a flexible partner which can be utilised to help meet the many current challenging cost saving and efficiency targets facing public sector organisations. It is a proven value for money vehicle which can help to overcome some of the practical estate issues which prevent local stakeholders joining together to meet the needs of the local community by accommodating multiple services, not necessarily limited to healthcare, under one roof.