Public Art Project


NHS Sheffield commissioned local artist Peter Griffiths to develop art installations for three of its new health developments – The Flowers Health Centre, Norfolk Park Health Centre and Darnall Primary Care Centre and Joanne Jenkins for Foxhill Medical Centre. Community 1st Sheffield worked closely with NHS Sheffield, the GP practices and the two artists to put together a programme of community engagement in order to develop the artworks.

After a number of consultation and engagement sessions with local community groups, the artists found their final inspiration from three local primary schools near to the health centres where students put their lively design ideas into action and from the local community in Fox Hill.

Community 1st was delighted to be involved in such an inspirational project, involving local schools, community groups, practice staff and local artists to create these striking artworks.

The Flowers Health Centre – Plant Life Cycle
The design on the windows illustrates a simple plant life cycle; a plant starts as a germinating seed, which then produces shoots and leaves. The plant flowers and produces fruit which contain new seeds and the cycle continues.

The work takes the name of the nearby housing estate and of the old Bluebell Medical Practice as its starting point and shows a diverse range of plants. The images of the plant life cycle were created by children from Hinde House Primary School.

Practice Manager at the health centre, Christine Hitchmough said: “Engaging with the local community is an important aspect of the work we do here at The Flowers Health Centre. Improving the health and wellbeing of people in the area and allowing residents to be involved in how we make improvements will hopefully help the broader regeneration of the area.”

Norfolk Park Health Centre – The Ages of Life
The characters in the window design are based on the ‘Seven Ages of Man’ showing the different stages of life to represent the diversity of people who live in the area.

Each figure was created by children from Norfolk Community Primary School.

Darnall Primary Care Centre – Alphabet – Say Hello
The work uses the British Sign Language Alphabet as its starting point and represents the inclusive nature of the local community. The artwork is made of mild steel and the vowels are picked out in gold leaf.

The hands were designed by children from Greenlands Junior School and a group of women from Darnall Wellbeing helped to design the overall sculpture.

Emma Morris, Year 5 teacher and phase leader at Greenlands Junior School said: “The art project allowed children to actively be involved in their community and the pride and excitement that the children showed was infectious. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work on such an interesting and inspiring project.”

Foxhill Medical Centre – Tracing the History of Fox Hill
Joanne worked with the local community, patients, practice staff, the Healthy Living Group and the Arts in Health Group to create a giant art canvas called ‘Tracing the History of Fox Hill’.

The content was a result of work, historical facts and information supplied by members of the community and arts groups, whose original drawings and photographs have been transferred to textiles, providing a genuine community input.