Through our specialist financial advisory company, North Consulting, we offer services ranging from business management and management accounting to sophisticated financial structuring, modelling and debt and equity procurement.

We also invest in asset-backed PPP projects, creating a long-term partnership that can be supported by our hands-on estates and property management services.

Investment and financial management services are a central element of all multi-team PPP transactions in which we participate but we also provide services to clients and partners on a stand-alone basis.

The financial accounting team has extensive experience both at accountancy practice and commercial company levels and can provide accounting support at a level bespoke to client’s needs. Our team is experienced in providing and maintaining bespoke fully integrated accounting systems which minimise processing costs and time.

Our services include:

  • Investment and funding
  • Financial structuring and modelling
    • Transaction structuring
    • Financial modelling and financial advisory
    • Tender support:
      • Commercial and financial advisory
      • Financial bid preparation, financial structuring, financial modelling
      • Payment mechanism preparation and support
    • Accounting support to SPVs; preparation of management accounts and board reports
    • Financial projections preparation, compliance certificates, and refinancing transaction structuring
  • Financial accounting and business manager support
    • Accounting system set-up/maintenance
    • Book-keeping
    • Management accounts
    • Financial projections
    • Board report preparation
    • Company secretarial duties